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AC & PK: four kisses

  1. among us

the first time PK kisses him, AC is upside-down. his hair is brushing the ground, and he has pizza grease on his chin. they’ve been playing among us for three and a half hours and AC hasn’t been the imposter once, and it sucks. he hates doing tasks. he just wants to vent and kill people and then pretend like he’s never done anything wrong, ever, in his life.

PK has been the imposter nine times. he’s won every round. PK looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and even though he keeps getting picked to do murder they always believe him when he wobbles his lips and says, “guys, what the fuck, i was literally just trying to fix whatever was happening in comms.”

anyway AC is upside down and they’re talking about spider man while they fuck around, both of them ghosts, and AC is saying that he’d always thought that kiss in the OG spider man was dope, the upside-down one, and PK is saying that of course he thought that, everyone thought that, and AC has been, like, pretty gone on him for a while, but he doesn’t know how to do what he’d do with girls, because this isn’t a girl. this is PK. PK is not only not a girl but he’s also AC’s best friend. his favorite food is tacos. he hates kimchi unless it’s in soup.

he’s so hot it makes AC dizzy, and he doesn’t know how to say it, because it’s ... new. he’s never, like, looked at pecs before and thought yeah. he’s never looked at somebody’s hands and felt himself blush because they were big enough to cover both of AC’s cheeks, if only they were cupped around his jaw.

“anyway, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” PK is saying, distracted. “aw, man, why didn’t we turn off downloads, downloads take so long.”

AC frowns. “what’s not?” he asks.

“the upside-down kiss thing. it’s ... actually kind of weird.”

“you’ve done it?”

PK laughs. “of course i’ve done it,” he says. “what, you didn’t try the second the movie came out? i was with this guy at the time who was a gymnast and he — ”

“whatever,” AC interrupts, his mood souring.

PK looks at him. AC realizes, a little belatedly, that maybe it sounds like — that maybe his inability to listen to PK talk about all the dudes he’s hooked up with could be considered a little, like. bad. like maybe he doesn’t like the fact that it’s dudes, instead of that he doesn’t like the fact that it’s anyone who isn’t him, who doesn’t get to do it. AC’s never been jealous before; he always kind of figured everybody just did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it and that was fine, right? but thinking about all the people who’d had PK and didn’t appreciate him, didn’t hold onto him, while AC is right here and doesn’t even get to try

“do you want to try it?” PK asks, putting his phone down.


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