from the girl who brought you "The Iliad Except It's Set In A College Fraternity" comes:

1) The Song That Made My Producer Go, “Wait, What Was That Bit About Worms?”
2) The Song My Producer Said I Had To Append A Parenthetical To So That People Would Be Able To Find It Because The Lyrics Never Mention The Title Once But I Was Raised On Fanfiction So Joke’s On You, Pal! I Love A Long Title With A Parenthetical In It!!!
3) The Song That Is Sad, and
4) The Song My Producer Said I Was Not Allowed To Name “CHICAGO IS BETTER THAN NEW YORK”


is it "good"? Who knows, but it does exist, and you should listen to it. as the great poet-philosopher daniel radcliffe once said, "I tried, and therefore no one should criticize me."

stream or download at basically all the places you can do that! here are a few!

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