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Death (as I had known her until then)

Death (as I had known her until then) was a red dress. In a country song she kissed tequila on the mouth and did not blink-- you were never the same but she was never any different.

Death as I had known her was not cruel. She was impatient. She ate when she wanted. All things must eat, and Death was a thing that was hungry.

I had not met Death dressed like this.

I had not met her with long fingers. I had not met her on days when she decided to stay. To make herself at home. I had not seen Death at breakfast, or floating in the tub with her eyes closed, hair fanned out into the bubbles while the mirrors fogged.

I think, until then, I had not met Death. Only the signs of her: absence. blood. a closed door with water flooding underneath it.

I had seen Death's footprint, but not her toes in the sand.

I had not known Death to take her time, but here she is, still. The sun comes up, and up. I do not know how long it will take.

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