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why are you doing this again?

well, a lot of things have changed since 2016. for example, i am much closer to thirty these days than i was then. also i live in london now. also, and this is very important: i grew out my bangs. you guys were very supportive of me during the Bangs Crisis of 2016, for which i am very grateful, but we can all breathe easy. that time is over. we're now in the Blonde Crisis of 2020.

neat. can we run through these updates really quickly because i have other things to do.

we sure can, sugarlumps. update # 1: YES i am still writing the chilliad! of course i am still writing it. i'm even going to finish it. this is a promise. it will take a long time because i am update #2: in grad school getting my masters, which takes quite a bit of my time, and on TOP of that i am update #3: releasing music! you can buy or stream it in loads of places. i recommend spotify or itunes but it's also on google play and amazon music and all of those things.

why is your name molly ofgeography? that's a silly name.

pal, you're telling me!!! unfortunately in 2009 i made the decision to name my blog after, you guys know this, a line in my favorite pablo neruda poem, and you see, what happened was: i accidentally got well-known for it. so when i began releasing music it became very clear that if i wanted people to find that music i would have to go by the name they knew me by. tragically for me that name was molly ofgeography, so here we all are.

is ofgeography your real last name?

it very obviously is not.

i thought your name was mollyhall?

it kind of is. it also kind of isn't. it's a long story, don't worry about it.

do you still write funny stories about things that happen to you?

i do, when they happen! unfortunately i am an Old Lady now, so i find myself embroiled in fewer shenanigans, or the shenanigans i DO get embroiled in are, uh. not stories you can read out loud to your mom, you know what i'm saying????

ugh, do you mean sex stuff?

not necessarily, you pervert. just, like, nobody wants a Funny Story About How I Made A Goof On My Taxes.

are you going to put out more music?

i am! i'm working on a second EP now. i hope it will be out in the summer. i think it's going to be very good and i think you guys are going to like it a lot.

but you're still writing the chilliad, right?

guys i pinky promise you, i am still writing the chilliad. if you're worried you can sign up here for automatic updates.

you're almost thirty. don't you think it's time you started using capital letters?



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